What is LaughLounge?


LaughLounge is a:

  • Live-streaming comedy network in the form of an app
  • Creating new revenue streams for stand up comics and venues
  • Analytics platform
  • Suite of audience engagement tools


Claude Shires

A Stand Up Technologist. I started my career in digital media from being a Stand-Up Comic at the World Famous Comedy Store. Having to edit my own material for review, I adapted to the post-production environment, and have been practicing these together since 2002.
I have a passion for all things technical and creative - related to image acquisition and distribution.

Having built and supported multiple production/post production systems, I love problem solving. The application of this critical thinking process is applicable to any field. I launched Stand Up Bits-the largest collection of individual stand up comedy bits on YouTube in 2013( the perfect merger of my loves) with Josef Holm, and proceeded on Tubestart, the Premium Crowd-funding platform for all forms of Film and Video.

Gilad Gershoni
Live-Streaming Specialist

I am a data-driven, digital media evangelist, with 20+ years of creative and technical experience in the live streaming, media & music industries. Leading the industry with awards for interactive marketing stemming back to 2005, I have proven that with creativity and a holistic approach to problem solving, the apparent limits of today’s technology are simply imaginary boundaries waiting to be broken.

I love the process. I love collaboration. In managing teams of all sizes, I’ve come to realize that a good leader doesn’t just manage from above, but gets down and dirty with the process from the ground up. I lead by inspiring, and motivating my team to think outside the box and realize that limitations are really just opportunities for new innovation.